Making Springtime Brunch Eggs-actly Right

The first signs of spring, both actual and symbolic, quickly bring us to Easter, Passover and all versions of celebrating the longer days, the thawing out and the renewing of life. Picture any springtime brunch, and eggs are likely to make an appearance, if not find themselves in the spotlight. The quintessential symbol of new life, the egg also happens to be delicious, nutritious and very versatile.  Having survived years of undeserved critique as a food to be eaten only infrequently, it is back and bigger than ever.  Click here to read the Huffington Post’s 8 health reasons to eat eggs.  If you enjoy eggs, opt for fresh, free-range, organically-fed ones.

Hard or soft boil eggs and prop each up in a bagel.  Serve with butter (click here for easy DIY how-to), cheese, smoked fish, avocado, sliced vegetables, and fresh salad greens, and you’ve got a simple to prepare, lovely to look at and fun to eat brunch meal for any size group.

Like bagels, avocados also present themselves as natural egg cups:

If you prefer eggs fried, consider a colorful, vegetably variation on the popular (in my early morning kitchen, at least) egg-in-a-hole.  My children often ask for an egg baked right into a slice of bread for breakfast, so for a special brunch I make eggs in a pepper ring with added color, crunch and nutrition.  I made some with grated cheddar melted onto the top, and some without. To preserve the yellow-orange sunshine of the yoke, skip the cheese, otherwise sprinkle it on.

If you are not intimidated by the poached egg (an art I am still practicing), here’s a fun edible nest for your springtime table: lettuce leaves, Asian-style bean thread vermicelli, topped with a poached egg.  Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with black pepper and salt, and dig in.

These can be enjoyed by a variety of eaters from vegetarian to paleo/primal, unleavened, wheat- and gluten-free diners (with the exception of the bagel) for a fresh, bright, celebration of spring.


3 thoughts on “Making Springtime Brunch Eggs-actly Right

  1. Your presentations are beautiful. I especially like the bean thread noodle idea and the pepper rings. A recent New York Times article featured eggs served on crostini with watercress…another lovely idea. I’m so grateful for eggs!

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