11 Simple Steps for a Healthier & Happier ’11: Step 6


Indulge in these nutritional winners

It’s January 6, and while many people around the world are celebrating Epiphany, here’s mine: Vegetables are good for you.

It can be very confusing, even frustrating to know what to eat to be healthy.  There are so many, often conflicting diets and nutritional philosophies out there.  I’ve looked pretty closely at most of these diets, and believe that each one likely works really well for some people, and others work really well for some other people, and not one is perfect for everyone.  Finding what works best for you is an individual process, but what holds true across the board is that vegetables are good for you.

Dietary recommendations come in all shapes and sizes. There are the low-carb pushers and high-carb promoters; the meat-backers and vegetarian/vegan bunch; the milk champions and the non-dairy crowd; the whole grain advocates, and the gluten-/grainfree set… but you can always eat more vegetables and know that no matter what flavor nutritional theorist you are with, you’ll get that very satisfying nod of approval.

Unfortunately, according to a state-by-state study done by the CDC, we, American adults, are not doing well in the vegetable department.  Our daily consumption of both fruit and vegetables actually seems to be decreasing, and if you ask me the government’s target was too low to begin with.  The hope was to get just 50% of adults to eat three or more servings of vegetables a day, and not a single state was able to meet that goal.  So, be radical, buck the trend, eat more vegetables in 2011, and let’s start to turn this thing around.

For more information, check in with the Harvard School of Public Health, where you’ll find detailed explanations of the many health benefits and some suggested ways to eat more vegetables, including recipes.


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