Ready for a New Tradition? A Vegetarian Thanksgiving.

For a variety of personal health, environmental and financial reasons, more and more people are giving meatless meals a try.  Judging by the volume of vegetarian recipes I have come across recently, it looks like even Thanksgiving no longer has to involve eating an animal.  Even on the one day of the year, when we Americans have a long-standing food tradition, we seem to be ready to embrace a variation: A Meatless Thanksgiving.

Whether as part of totally meat-free holiday meal, a dish for your vegetarian guests, or a side dish for all, there are delicious and festive vegetarian recipes aplenty.  Here, a few from this website:

Super Easy Squash Soup

Stuffed Potatoes

Sweet Potato-Corn Cakes


Green Tomato, Apple and Custard Pie

Home-made Whipped Cream, Butter and Buttermilk

A Sweet Treat that Can’t be Beet: Choco-Beet Cupcakes

Bread Pudding in a Pumpkin Shell

A Hollowed Pumpkin Treat

The New York Times is not against it.  They are offering a running list of meatless recipes this year. They promise a new recipe every day until Thanksgiving, so keep checking back from more delectable ideas.

Vegetarian Times Magazine is a bountiful resource (in print as well as online) for meatless dishes all year round.  Among many great looking Thanksgiving dishes, this Pot Pie caught my eye.

Martha Stewart gave her nod of approval to a Thanksgiving dinner sans bird last year, and is also offering a plentiful list of recipes this year featuring pumpkins, squashes, apples, spinach, rice, quinoa and fish.

Eating Well Magazine, always a great inspiration with their beautiful photography and easy-to-follow recipes, also offers an enticing collection of tarts, souffles, risottos, lasagnas, soups and frittatas as vegetarian main dishes.

And, Meatless Monday is a week-long source for vegetarian information, inspiration and, or course, recipes.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Ready for a New Tradition? A Vegetarian Thanksgiving.

  1. A vegetarian thanksgiving sounds like a great plan.
    There’s no need to turn thanksgiving into a holiday featuring so many dead animals.

    This year’s star, the bacon turducken really insulted me in many ways.

    Thanks for the list of recipes,
    Itai Matos (TFIM)

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