Trying 100% Raw, Day #5

I’ve arrived at the fifth day of my raw diet experiment.  I’d be happy to continue for a while, because it really does feel very fresh, clean and pure to eat primarily fruits and vegetables and enjoy all the bright colors, flavors and crispiness of the season’s freshness right now.  However, the coming weekend is full of wedding and birthday celebrations including finely prepared cooked meals, so for now, the 100% version of the raw experience will come to a close come dinnertime tonight.  Going forward, I will definitely include more raw foods in my and my family’s diet.  It’s a plan.


Raw Day #5, I feasted on:

Breakfast: Really enjoying the light (compared to the cooked version), yet substantial meal of raw oatmeal.  Last night I soaked raw rolled oats with cocoa nibs and a few dates cut into small pieces.  I made this morning’s dish with ample amounts of blueberries, a sliced banana, raw milk and topped with almond slivers. 

Lunch: On a very busy day, my children pitched in by offering to make lunch.  They made a mixed green salad further brightened by an orange pepper and shredded carrots topped with a self-made dressing with tamari soy sauce and maple syrup. Absolutely delicious.


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