Trying 100% Raw, Day #4

Another great raw day — well, great in terms of diet.  The weather was also raw, which I’ll admit, made me less eager to embrace another day of raw foods when I first woke up.  It was 60 degrees, grey and raining, and the pancakes I was making for my children were also calling my name… initially.  But, like yesterday, once I sat down with my bowl of raw oatmeal, nicely enhanced with raisins, apple, ginger and coconut, I was totally content.  Add to that a hot cup of tea with fresh lemon juice and raw honey, and those pancakes had already lost their appeal.


Raw Day #4, I ate:

Breakfast: I had made too much oatmeal for yesterday, so still had some in the fridge.  Yesterday, I actually found it to be too sweet, so today I added a 1/2 grated apple instead of a banana, together with ginger and coconut and a generous amount of raw milk.  It really is better than cooked oatmeal.

Lunch: Today, lunch was more a series of snacks than one meal: an apple, a larabar, and later some cashews and another apple.

Dinner: An avocado salad, eaten right out of the half without the pit.  I made a little salad out of corn, carrots, and cilantro and dished it into the avocado half every time I emptied it.  It was so good.  Such a treat to give yourself all the best parts of a salad as your meal!  I also had some raw milk cheddar (great options from either Neighborly Farms or Shelburne Farms). With grapes and strawberries for dessert. Perfect.


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