Trying 100% Raw, Just for Fun: Day #1

Over the past several years, I have done some reading about the raw foods diet, and have gotten to know several people who fully embrace it.  It intrigues me — the fact that people are the only living things who cook their food; that nature grows food with built-in enzymes meant for its correct digestion and absorption, but that these enzymes, as well as vital vitamins and minerals, do not necessarily survive the heating process of cooking.  And yet, until very recently, I had been interested only cerebrally, and not given it a fair evaluation based on personal experience.

Over the weekend, all of sudden, I became interested in giving it a go. While I am feeling inspired, I thought I would jump right in.  So for now, I am planning a full-on 100% raw experience for the next five days. After that, and at least throughout the summer, I can imagine I will probably eat a larger percentage raw than I did during previous summers, but once fall arrives again… at this point, I can only picture myself eating plenty of warm soups and hot dishes right out of the oven again. But, that is still 3-4 months away, so for now, with summer arriving this weekend, the weather warming up nicely, and the garden starting to create irresistibly fresh and delicious foods, let’s serve it up just as it is – raw!

Day #1

Breakfast: I enjoyed raw milk yogurt (which I made yesterday as part of a raw milk products workshop), with bananas, sunflower seeds, almonds and ground flax seeds.

Lunch: I had 1/2 avocado, two mini cucumbers, an apple with raw nut butter and grapes.

Dinner: A wonderful large salad with fresh lettuce, the other 1/2 of the avocado, sliced cucumber and a handful of almonds and raisins.  Followed by some more grapes.

Throughout the day I drank water either plain or with lemon juice and tea lightly sweetened with raw honey.  Twice, when I had that snacky feeling, and would have taken a few bites of something out of the cupboard, I made a cup of tea instead and sat down to fully enjoy it.  That did the trick beautifully.

Even after just one day, I feel nicely satisfied, without feeling at all full.  Eating today felt very clean, fresh and real.  It naturally resulted in an excellent amount of fruits and vegetables and no packaged or processed foods at all – something I am always aiming for, and with today’s focus, was easily accomplished.  I am looking forward to tomorrow already.


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