No-power flour

In an effort to consume more whole grains, many people are trying to add more whole wheat flour into their diets.  They may be opting for a whole wheat pizza crust when available or substituting half of the flour in their favorite recipe with ww flour.  These are certainly steps in the right direction, and I highly encourage thinking along these lines.  

In addition to swapping white for ww whenever I can, I am also trying to come up with substitutes for all the flour products we eat.  I think you will be surprised, when you start making a list of all the flour (a food which has been processed, even if it is still whole wheat flour) you eat in a day: cereal for breakfast, coffee cake at the office, sandwich for lunch, some crackers or a cookie in the afternoon, pasta for dinner and a slice of cake for dessert… amazing how quickly it becomes the mainstay of your day.

So, try some of these ideas for some diversification:

• use romaine lettuce leaves as you would pita bread or a flour tortilla, filling the leaves with hummus, cream cheese, nut butters, refried beans, goat cheese, sliced meats… 

• make little pizzas by baking them on slices of zucchini, or thinly cut potatoes, turnips or rutabagas.  Add tomato sauce, cheese and toppings as you would on a flour crust and bake.  

• instead of boxed cereal for breakfast, try a cooked cereal made of whole grains, such as wheat berries or whole oat groats, rice, kasha or barley… whichever you like best.


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