Plan to be Healthier


Top Ten Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

You get to live in an inherently balanced, healthy body.  With that knowledge, you are able to steer your body toward a healthy balanced state, by following these top ten steps.

1.  Know that you, in your body, have the power to heal, that your body wants to be in a balanced state, and will head in that direction if given half a chance.

2.  Create time and rituals that you enjoy to bring relaxation. Practice them often.

3. Create time and space for spiritual experiences, whatever that means to you.

4. Check in with your social relationships, and surround yourself with the most nourishing ones.

5.  Enjoy drinking pure water, and do so throughout the day, particularly between meals.

6. You get to have whole foods at every meal.  Enjoy them in a form as close to how nature grew them as possible, in season and organically-grown whenever possible.

7. Give yourself the gift of rest and sleep, everyday for 7-8 hours.

8.  You also get to enjoy all the benefits of regular physical exercise. You are free to pick what and when you like to do, while incorporating stretching, strengthening, balance and flexibility.

9.  Indulge in fresh fruit, vegetables (including seaweeds), whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and some fish or other animal foods, if desired.

10. After thoroughly enjoying so much delicious, nourishing food, there will likely be very little interest left for sugar, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, or chemicalized, artificial junk foods, which is a great thing.


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